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30 Stocking Stuffers For Foodies

Stockings are one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  I love hunting around for little treasures to pack inside for my husband!  But sometimes, it’s hard to figure out the right things for your loved ones.  I put together this extensive guide to 30 stocking stuffers for foodies that will help you make Christmas joyful!

1. This super handy clip-on strainer.

this clip-on strainer is a nifty tool for your favorite chef

This is one of my new favorite kitchen gadgets.  It attaches easily to any pot or pan and makes it easy to drain water or grease from potatoes, pasta, vegetables, meats and more!

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2. Foodie Dice

foodie dice help you figure out what to cook for dinner

These foodie dice are a fun way to solve the mystery of what to eat for dinner!  Use the primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and veggie dice, roll, and make dinner!  There are a ton of possible combinations, such as sauté / pork OR eggs / potato / carrots / dill / bacon.  Yum!

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3. Avocado Huggers

stop wasting half of your avocado with these avocado huggers

There’s nothing worse than eating half of an avocado and letting the other half turn black in the fridge.  These avocado huggers solve that problem!

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4. Gilmore Girls Wooden Spoons

these Gilmore Girls spoons make perfect stocking stuffers for foodies and TV fans

For foodies and Gilmore Girls fans, these wooden spoons have some of the best phrases from the classic show engraved in them.  They’re perfect for cooking, serving, or just displaying in the kitchen.

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5. Truffle Salt

white truffle sea salt is a great stocking stuffer and adds flavor to any meal

Truffle salt is amazing.  Try it in french fries, baked potatoes, steaks, chicken, and more!  It can be a bit pricey per ounce, so your foodie friend is sure to love it.

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6. Chef’s Multi-Tool

a chef's multi-tool helps your favorite foodie keep cooking when traveling

This stainless steel multi-tool is ten kitchen tools in one!  It’s perfect for travel, camping, a college dorm, or just for fun.

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7. Kitchen Timer

clip this portable kitchen timer to any nearby surface

This kitchen timer is perfect because you can hang it anywhere!  Hang it on your oven, wear it around your belt – you’ll never miss the timer going off again.

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8. This Funny Slow Cooker Decal

this is us fans will love this "unplug me" slow cooker decal

This Is Us fans rejoice!  There’s the perfect slow cooker decal for you.  Remember to unplug your crockpot with this funny, memorable sticker.

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9. Bourbon Maple Syrup

bourbon maple syrup is a great addition to pancakes

Good maple syrup is great for so many things – salad dressings, granola, marinades, and doused on pancakes.  That’s exactly why this delicious bourbon maple syrup makes the perfect stocking stuffer for foodies.

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10. An Adjustable Oil Pourer

this adjustable oil pourer helps with accuracy when cooking

This adjustable oil pourer is a game changer because it allows you to pour exactly the right amount of oil at a time.  Twist the pout to select one of three pouring modes to suit your cooking method.

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11. A Funny Dish Towel

these fun foodie tea towels make the perfect stocking stuffer

Any good foodie will appreciate these punny dish towels!  Plus, they’re safe to use in the washing machine.

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12. Toast Coasters

toast coasters are a fun addition to any home

Help your foodie family member protect their tables with these funny, high-quality toast coasters.  Because who doesn’t love bread?

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13. Cat Egg Mold

make cat-shaped fried eggs with this cute egg mold

Why can’t all eggs look like cats?  Well, now they can.  This egg mold is the perfect stocking stuffer for your cat-loving, food-loving friend.

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14. A high-quality knife

wustof knives make amazing stocking stuffers for foodies

Every good chef needs a good knife.  I absolutely love Wusthof knives – they’re high-quality, beautiful, and perfect for a home cook.  This particular knife is a great all-in-one.  The serrated edge makes it easy to chop anything.

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15. Nashville Hot Chicken Spice

Acme's hot chicken spice brings Nashville to your meal

I’ve gotta support my town here, too!  This Nashville hot chicken spice is amazing as a dry rub for chicken, steak, or whatever you like.

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16. A Funny Tee

feed me tacos and tell me I'm pretty t-shirt

Yes, tacos are the best.  This taco tee is just one of the amazing food tees that make great stocking stuffers for foodies.

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17. A measurement converter magnet

a measurement chart that helps convert kitchen measurements

Keep your family member from constantly looking up measurement conversions.  This handy magnet provides all the conversions they’ll need!

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18. A Dumpling Maker

this dumpling maker is a nifty kitchen gadget

Dumpings are delicious.  And if you buy these stocking stuffers for foodies, your particularly foodie might even make you some dumplings.

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19. A Delicious Seasoning Mix

a spice blend that is perfect for mixing with olive oil

This one from StoneHouse is my absolute favorite.  Season chicken, pork, or beef or just mix with olive oil for an amazing bread dip.

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20. A Pastry Cutter Set

use this pastry cutter set to make delicious biscuits and rolls

I use this pastry cutter set for biscuits, rolls, and more.  It’s such a good basic set for your favorite baker!

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21. Socks for Foodies

fun avocado nut socks for foodies

Socks make great stocking stuffers for foodies!  These avocado socks are some of my favorites, but there are some other great options depending on your friend’s favorite foods.

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22. A Nifty Pizza Cutter Wheel

a pizza cutter that makes it easier for your cheese lover

Pizza cutter wheels are a great alternative to the typical pizza cutter.  They’re easy to use and clean!

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23. A Bar Toolkit

an essential bar toolkit gift

This bar toolkit has everything you need to create delicious cocktails to pair with your meals.  And they make great stocking stuffers for foodies!

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24. A Salt Sampler Set

a salt sampling kit that fits perfectly in a stocking

Salt makes everything better.  Gift your favorite foodie this salt sampler set to help him or her finish off their meals perfectly!

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25. Food Pun Magnets

funny food magnets make great stocking stuffers for foodies

These are dad jokes for food lovers.  They’re the perfect way to decorate your fridge!

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26. A Waterproof Digital Thermometer

a waterproof food thermometer so you never ruin yours again

I would definitely recommend going with a waterproof food thermometer.  I’ve lost three (yes, three!) because my husband threw them in the sink with the dishes.  These make great stocking stuffers for foodies!

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27. Unique Chocolate

a unique chocolate bar for foodies

Treat your family member with some delicious, specialty chocolate that they can’t get just anywhere.  This pistachio cherry bar is a good example, but Vosges has other amazing candies, too!

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28. A Knife Sharpener

a pocket-sized knife sharpener for your foodie

This handy dandy knife sharpener keeps all your blades nice and sharp.  It’s so important for safety and functionality!

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29. Recipe Cards

recipe cards for your loved one

I love these recipe cards.  They’re such a beautiful way to remember family recipes and keep them close-at-hand always.

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30. A Bench Scraper

a bench scraper makes a valuable kitchen tool

A bench scraper will help your foodie gather all of her chopped veggies and dump them safely in the skillet.  Plus, this one includes a handy weight and volume chart!

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Have we left out your favorite stocking stuffers for foodies?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I would love to have all of these items. However, if I were to choose something I really like, it would be the Chef’s Multi-tool. That would be really handy to take along when we go camping. Perfect to take to picnics too!

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