Hi, I’m Kat!

Well, actually, I’m Kathryn but Kat works, too!  I love food – cooking, baking, eating, the works.  I have Food Network on just about 24/7 and my husband even sets up at-home Chopped competitions for my benefit (yes, he’s the best!)

But here’s the thing: I’m also lactose-intolerant.  And that means that all those things I love – cooking, baking, eating – are a little more difficult.  I’ve come to learn all the best ways to substitute milk, butter, cheese, and other lactose-packed products in my everyday meals without giving up flavor.

That’s why all of the recipes you find here are lactose-free. 

But don’t fret, dairy eaters!  They can all easily be made with regular dairy products for equal deliciousness.

You’ll also find other snippets of my life here, from travel to reading to charities that I love.  Enjoy yourself and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Fun Facts

  1. My husband, Luke, and I own a digital marketing company together, Blue Ivory Creative.  That’s my main gig and I love every second of it!
  2. We live in Nashville, TN and it’s pretty much the greatest.
  3. I read 2-3 books a week and currently have over 600 books on my reading wishlist.
  4. I was originally a music major in college (flute, for the win!) but ended up in visual communications.
  5. I love kids.  I teach preschool Sunday School each week at my church and love on my two adorable little nephews.  We also sponsor a boy, Federico, through Feed the Hungry who we consider our own.
  6. I’m 26, but I often have people think I’m a teenager.  Everyone says I’ll enjoy that some day.  I have yet to.
  7. My favorite cooking shows include Chopped, the Barefoot Contessa, the Kitchen, and Iron Chef.
  8. I’m a huge baseball fan (go Royals!) and got to watch the Royals play in the World Series a few years ago.
  9. My least favorite foods are olives, papaya, and bleu cheese.
  10. I was chosen as the student speaker at my college graduation ceremony and got to speak about entrepreneurship and choosing your own path!

Meet My Family

Since we’re making introductions here, let me introduce you to my little family.

This is my husband, Luke.

We met in high school where I had the biggest crush on him ever.  I even asked him to prom and he, of course, said “no” (feel free to give him a hard time about it, now)!  We were best friends for several years before we started dating and, ultimately, got married in 2014.

Honestly, he’s the coolest guy ever.  He’s super selfless and eats completely lactose-free for me, even though he doesn’t have to.  He loves NASCAR (and used to race cars), started his first business when he was 12 years old, has a gorgeous black Mustang with brown leather seats, and eats pizza with a knife and fork.

And here’s my cat, Reesie.

But deep down, in her furry little heart, she’s a dog.  She comes when she’s called, does tricks, can open every single door and cabinet in our house, and loves, loves people!  She needs someone around her 24/7.  We rescued her five years ago and she literally chose us, reaching through the bars of her cage at the shelter and grabbing us with her claw as we walked by.  Reesie’s one of the best things we’ve ever done!